Chemical Industry Roundtables, LLC

John Pearson,
CEO, Chemical Industry Roundtables, LLC

Conferences and roundtables

for chemical industry executives

  • Mission
CIR’s Vision is to be an on-line and face-to-face meeting place for specialized groups of executives, where they can exchange ideas and discuss pending issues, always with a view to improving environmental and CSR performance. CIR’s Mission is to provide the best on-line tools and best venues for bringing executives together in communities of interest.
  • Description
The idea for Chemical Industry Roundtables (CIR) emerged from observation of a rapid change, happening in the global chemical industry. As companies and their customers become more environmentally- and socially-conscious, the metrics for success and the demands made on chemical company executives are changing. Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility standards influence everything from R&D management, to the choice of production technology, the choice of feedstock and plant location, to bottom line performance and return on investment.